Optimize Your Health

Optimize Your Health

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Health has never been as personalized and customized as what it is today.
Custom eating plans. Custom supplementation.  Personalized protocols.

You now not only have the opportunity to take charge of your health, but you are also empowered to get to the bottom of what’s preventing your optimal health. ┬áDig deeper into options for testing, therapies, and choices that are perfect for you! MyHealth.MD is ready and excited to partner with you on your personalized journey to your best you!

Order labs you would like to see for yourself!  Both traditional blood work from Labcorp and functional tests with industry leading lab partners.

MyHealth.MD is here for you at every step of your personal journey.

  • Need someone to walk alongside you? We’ve got you covered!
  • Don’t understand your lab values? Let our doctor explain and educate!
  • Curious as to which supplement is right for you? We can help!
  • Telehealth solution from the comfort of your home, office, or car!
  • Easy and affordable!

Concierge Service

Sneeze-Free Living

Consumer Lab Testing


My Health can direct you to some of the best laboratories in the world. Consumers now have the right to order their own tests and monitor their own bodies without needing to go through a third-party. My Health is your resource for all of the labs you will probably ever need. Click the link below to access your account or to set up a new one.

The highest quality supplements at an affordable price.

An exciting new line of brain supplements from Daniel Amen, MD. Includes support for memory, sleep, mood, and focus/energy.

Concierge Medicine through…

  • Unlimited urgent care
  • Unlimited mental health
  • Discount prescriptions
  • No insurance needed
  • No contracts


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