Every third human on Earth is overweight. According to the World Bank, the overweight prevalence rate (adults with BMI over 25 kg/m2, including the obese) reached 38% of the global adult population in 2016. research2guidance.com, Digital weight loss solutions are poised to mitigate the global pandemic of obesity, Oleksiy Danilin, 2020

Given the historic growth rate, the overweight prevalence rate is set to slightly exceed 40% of the global adult population in 2019. This effectively translates into 2.3 billion overweight adults globally. Closely associated with various chronic conditions and their comorbidities, excessive weight (including obesity) is currently one of the three major causes of mortality globally.

Tackling the problem of obesity requires immense resources and can easily overstretch even the most advanced healthcare systems. Fortunately, the rapid development of digital healthcare can substantially alleviate this enormous task.



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